Specialty / Additives

Mipa 2K-Beschleuniger

2K-Accelerator used to speed up the drying process, use max 4%

Mipa Anti-Silikon-Zusatz

Additive for OC/PUR paint against silicone problems

Mipa 2K-Reaktivzusatz

2K-Thinner extra fast for accelaration of complete drying especially with HS-Clearcoats. Addition instead of thinner


Mipa 2K-Löser Special Thinner for spot-repairs

2K-fade-out-thinner to initiate the dissolution of old paint and/or pretreatment of spot repair refinish

Mipa 2K-HS-Löser

Special fasde-out-thinner for 2K-HS-Paints with a VOC-content <420 g/ltr

Mipa 2K-Elastic

Gives extra flexibility to 2K-paints over plastic parts, e.g. bumpers