Mipa History

MIPA AG began its story back in 1948 with the founding of the company named Paul Mittermayer GmbH, Lack-und Farbenfabrik, located in Landshut, Germany.  Growth and expansion required a move to the  present headquarters in Essenbach in 1995 and 1996.  In 2001, the company namewas changed to MIPA AG.

The company continues to exist as a family-owned privately-held Stockholding Company.   In 2003, the Streicolor AG, Frauenfeld / Switzerland are the second production plant. As a result of the acquisition of Henelit GmbH in January 2008, an additional production plant is located in Villach, Austria.

MIPA AG is well-known for the Professional Coating Systems we develop, produce and sell, with the main emphasis on paints and varnishes.

Our products are always bound to a system. We look after our customers throughout all steps of a coating process. Furthermore, we also offer to a variety of by-products as a supplement or combination to a main product. The majority of our products are of a constantly high quality, offering numerous variations in colour and grades of gloss, which can be produced using a mixing or tinting system.

Our target customer is the professional painter in the trade and industry.  We have aligned our quality, information and logistics to this clientele. We work closely together with our trade and commercial partners which also supply the same type of customer.